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The books shown on this page are, as of 10/16/18, unavailable for a short time.  They are in the process of being updated and will be reissued, beginning with the Western Historicals, with new covers, as soon as possible.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving, 2018..  If you click on a cover to see a full description of the book, the links there will not take you to a book you can buy If audio is your thing, there might still be some titles available in that format from Audible (except for the 6-in-1 Apache-Colton Omnibus).  If you toodle around on some of the bookselling sites you might also find a few original paperback copies of these titles for sale, too (with completely different covers!), but mostly they're out of print.  Thank goodness for ebooks, right?  Sorry for the inconvenience!  This page will be updated every time a book becomes available.  Thank you for your patience.

Western Historical Romances

The Apache-Colton Series

Apache Magic

Romantic Times Magazine 1992 Reviewer's Choice Award, Best Indian Romance

Paperback Book Club of America's BookraK Bestselling Zebra Heartfire of 1991

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Apache Promise

This is "a fast moving romance in the best sense of the word.  —MHJ, Rendezvous

Janis Reams Hudson, one of the most sought after new writers, has penned Apache Promise, the sequel to Apache Magic.  It's emotionally intense and a fabulous love story on a grand scale.  —Kathryn Falk, Publisher, Romantic Times Magazine

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Apache Temptation

Colorado Romance Writers' 1994 Award of Excellence

"The emotional intensity is breathtaking."  — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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Apache Legacy

"As always, Janis Reams Hudson weaves a stirring, emotionally intense tale of deep passions, exciting history, colorful historical personages, and a marvelous romance.  Apache Legacy is an absolutely dynamite read.  4 Stars (Excellent) —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine

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Apache Heartsong

"A first rate, beautifully moving novel." (4 1/2 stars!)  — Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

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Apache Flame

"APACHE FLAME is an explosive and passionate romance highlighting Ms Hudson's remarkable talent for writing dramatic, emotionally intense love stories with the power and passion to put them among the very best of the genre."  4.5 Stars (Exceptional) — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine

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The Arapaho Touch Duo

Winter's Touch

"...a deep sense of family love, WARRIOR'S SONG is another masterpiece from this consummate storyteller." (4 ½ Stars)  — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


Hunter's Touch

"...always wonderful storytelling talents...a tender tale...  These intelligent, engaging characters capture the aura of the West as they rediscover love."  — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times



Hawk's Woman

"A wonderful story of human courage, and love that triumphs against all odds.  This is a KEEPER for all time.  Breathtaking!   6 Bells!!!"  Lori Bradley, Bell, Book and Candle

"Janis Reams Hudson's words illuminate the pages of her unforgettable Indian romances.  Hawk's Woman shimmers with emotion and the characters glow with life.   Don't miss this or any of Ms. Hudson's books."  Rickey Mallory, Affaire de Coeur

" . . . intense, passionate, adventurous and riveting . . .   With words and action [Janis Reams Hudson] delivers a powerfully heartfelt and intense story of a Romeo and Juliet who would rather fight for justice than die for love.   A compelling reading experience."  Kathe Robin, Romantic Times



Warrior's Song

"Ms. Hudson knows how to play on readers' heart strings and strum an emotionally powerful tune.  Exquisitely rendered and imbued with a deep sense of family love, WARRIOR'S SONG is another masterpiece from this consumate storyteller."   (4½ Stars Kathe Robin, Romantic Times



Wild Texas Flame

Colorado Romance Writers' 1993 Award of Excellence

“This is a story to be read and reread, each time giving you a deep-down feeling of wonder at the beauty of love.” —RT Book Reviews

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Contemporary Romances

Originally a Zebra Lucky in Love

Reincarnation Romantic Suspense

Sammi's Heart

"Combining pathos, humor and a touch of mystery, this emotionally riveting story will find a special place in the reader’s heart." (4+) — Romantic Times

Remember My Heart

"I became so involved, I couldn't put it down until the marvelous ending.  As a first time reader of this author, I was impressed by her writing and really enjoyed this mesmerizing book."  —Mari Guerrero, Old Book Barn Gazette

"...clever, poignant and absorbing tale of undying love and madness.  Settle in for hours of reading pleasure!"  —Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine

"Once again the lady comes up with an absolute bell ringer!"  —Ann Wassall, "Ann's World," South Bay Cable

The Homeward Series

Long Way Home

"...entertaining with well-developed characters.  Some are humorous, some are hateful, and some need to be tossed out of town!"  — Debbie Sims, Romantic Times Magazine

All the Rooms of My Heart

"...a delight to read.  The hero and heroine are intelligent and well depicted, and there are a number of warm and wonderful secondary characters."  4½ Stars, a Top Pick!  — Susan Mobley, Romantic Times Magazine

The Deep Fork Trilogy

Foster Love

1992 RITA Finalist, Best First Book

1992 National Readers' Choice Award, Best Short Contemporary

Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award 1991 Best Kismet


Coming Home

Janis Reams Hudson’s gutsy heroine will capture your respect and admiration, while the steamy love scenes will leave you breathless. This appealing romance is written with the powerful emotional intensity characteristic of the very best authors in the genre. A powerful book." (4+)  —Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

For the Thrill

1993 National Readers' Choice Award, Third Place, Short Contemporary Category

The Two Oaks Series

Truth or Dare

"Five Gold Stars!" — Heartland Critiques

Caught in the Act

1996 RITA Finalist, Romance Writers of America Best Short Contemporary

". . . a delightfully engaging tale of romantic suspense."  — Linda Anselmi, Romantic Times

Thick as Thieves

"Ms Hudson delivers another winner...filled with a range of emotions.  Readers will especially like Annie's strength and Harper's softness.  Thoroughly enjoyable!"  Rona Weisburg, Affaire de Coeur

Angel on a Harley

1997 RITA Finalist, Romance Writers of America, Best Short Contemporary Romance

1997 Kiss of Death Third Place Award, Short Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense Chapter RWA

One Rainy Night

"Mercy! Wait until you read this . . . fast-paced stunning story. This is one adventure after another. Superb reading!" (4½)  — Donita Lawrence, bookseller, Bell, Book and Candle

"The pacing is absolutely superb in this intelligently crafted, warm and delicious love story." (4 ½) — Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times

Spontaneous Combustion

"No one imbues love at first sight with more excitement than Janis Reams Hudson, who makes our day with this fiery conflagration of the senses."  4 Stars  —Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times Magazine


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